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Food for Thought

There are a few truths I picked up along my career. Thought I'd share to help the people who are determined to change the course of their health or overall wellbeing:

1) If you want to be truly healthy you can't avoid cooking at home from scratch. This will take 1-3 hours of your time everyday for 2-3 meals for yourself and the family.

2) Eat food that grew on a plant. Avoid food prepared in a plant. This means avoiding all forms of processed food, including canned items.

3) If you think, processed food is unavoidable, given your time constraints, then health issues will be unavoidable too.

4) Healthy eating is about eating simple and eating little. Your body can do well with very simple foods. It's your mind that is conditioned to variety and your taste buds that are conditioned to eating different flavors. We also only need to eat a small portion at each meal, just enough to keep us going.

5) Food tastes better in good company. If you relax and eat with family and/or genuine friends, you enjoy even the most humble food-provided that vanity doesn't prompt you to indulge more.

6) Your body adjusts to smaller portions and simpler food. Infact, your organs thank you for it. It's your mind that tempts you into unhealthy eating, so as to escape emotional issues, such as boredom, loneliness, depression etc.

7) A Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle will alter your entire life, albeit slowly. As you stop eating out, ordering for delivery and hosting wasteful feasts, you will lose a lot of fake friends/opportunists and win the respect of genuine and worthwhile people. Your consumption patterns will change, and you will consciously think of ways to preserve the environment and eco-systems. All purchase decisions, big or small, will be influenced by your new mindset.

8) You will begin to respect nature and those who work closely with it, especially the humble farmers in the poorest parts of the world, who work to the bone, to grow crops that you simple pick out at a supermarket and cook at home.

9) You will no longer be impressed by the trappings of materialism. Grand weddings and great feasts will not make you awe-struck, because no social occasion is grand without grand food. The decor, the apparel, the lighting, the stage, the great show, needs a FEAST, or else a show is not a show.

10) When people like you gain critical mass, you and your kind will ease the suffering of hundreds of millions of people around the world, who currently suffer the violence of globalization.

All power to you!

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