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My Story

The snow-capped Carpathian Mountains, seen from my hometown Sibiu, Romania.

Father passed away a few days ago, he was only 73 years old. It was the dreaded “C” word, inoperable, stage 4. He also had high blood pressure, diabetes, and a history of stroke, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle. His life was cut short every day with every bite he took, every cigarette he smoked, and every step he didn’t take. It was the most up-close and personal battle I’ve ever fought in trying to change someone’s beliefs and set ways. I lost…he lost…

You see, his father lived to be 98, fit as a fiddle until the last years of his life. Can’t even recall to have seen him with as much as the common cold. He was active, ate a whole foods based diet, and didn’t smoke. I’m getting close to 45 and show no signs whatsoever of the ailments that cut my father’s life short. I go to the gym minimum five days a week, walk my dog 4 miles every night, and eat a whole foods plant based diet, mostly by cooking my own meals.

So, why did my father succumb to chronic health conditions that didn’t affect my grandfather or myself? After all, the three of us are in a genetic succession, yet our health statuses are different. What about family history and risk factors association? What about “it’s in your genes, you can’t escape it!”

Turns out, genetic predisposition only accounts for about 3-5% of the chronic conditions that are the leading causes of death around the world. The rest of 95-97% is caused by the food choices and lifestyle choices we make every day of our lives. Numerous studies have equivocally proven that the food we eat can turn on or turn off the triggers for debilitating diseases.

I couldn’t save my father. He chose to not make changes, but I can help others. My determination to make a difference in people’s lives is greater than ever. Choose health, choose longevity, choose a healthful lifestyle, choose to not smoke, choose plant-based foods, choose to be active, choose to be happy!

My daughter, Beatrice and I on the day she turned 18 years old.

Your loved ones need you around for as long as possible. Your children and grandchildren want you to be around to witness their growth and achievements. You should be able to live many active and happy years before laying down to the final rest…nonetheless, it is a choice…

For the first time in my life, even more than after graduating from medical school, I can wholeheartedly say: “I can help you!”. I can help you make better choices, I can help you choose health, and I can help you maintain your endurance for as long as it is possible. Don’t delay to reach out! Choose to live!

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